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Remote Learning

To support clients with restricted travel, we offer all our training and coaching via remote access

Why we exist

People can deliver amazing results given the right circumstances and they often only need a small tweak to improve. We find those tweaks to help people enjoy their work more and perform at a higher level.

136 Training Courses
1042 Delegates
97.5% Delegate rating
55 Companies worked with

How we work

We talk
We meet
We consult
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What we do


Sales is in our human DNA, we find the natural talent your sales people have and build on it.

Executive Coaching

We help to develop your skills and knowledge to improve job performance.


Leaders are also employees so need to be invested in, nurtured and developed.


We help organisations that want innovation to be part of the business culture at all levels.

Behaviour Assessments

We are a world leader in delivering pragmatic strengths-based solutions in culture change.

Conferences and Events

We bring people together at events to deliver a clear message and a return on your investment.

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What our clients say

We get lots of offers from sales training companies but we have a training partner in Chilli Pepper, they understand our business and our sales training requirements Chief Sales Officer, Hafele UK
…the delivery was the most inspirational and motivational training I’ve ever received General Manager, Audit Training Services

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