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About Us

At Chilli Pepper Development, we love working with people and businesses who need change to happen.  Working primarily across leadership, sales and service teams we design specific learning solutions to your specific business needs.

Our ethos focuses on driving personal accountability for change across a business and so our training is clearly linked to the real-world application of skills, attitude and knowledge.

Often it is the smallest changes - the “hot” stuff – that can make the biggest difference.  We find your hot stuff and work it to generate a big impact for your business.

We use consultants throughout our business who are also passionate and experienced in developing people to perform better. We all like to work with genuine human engagement and have some fun along the way.

Drop me a line and let’s start a conversation that might lead to some amazing results!

Pete Starr, Founder

Why Chilli Pepper Development might be a perfect fit for your business...

We are small

We don’t have a huge back office and multiple layers of management. Instead, we are small enough to be agile and responsive to your specific needs, but big enough to have the expertise to serve them professionally. We pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service.

We are specialist

We can't and won't deliver all training needs across all businesses, as we will only deliver services we have full expertise in. We know what we are good at and deliver brilliantly within what we do, so you can be confident if you engage with us, you'll receive market-leading development.  

We create bespoke material

We don’t shoehorn our models into your business and aren't constrained by using only one set of sales or leadership model. We create client-specific, tailored content for your business that you then own and can make full use of within your business.

We focus on SMEs

Although we have comprehensive Blue Chip experience, Chilli Pepper Development has evolved to now focus and bring its expertise to the SME environment. We are in the mid-range for price point in this market, but bring market-leading services. 

Companies we've worked with

You may like to know, that in the last twelve months our consultants have delivered work to companies such as:

Virgin Media  Civil Service Bidvest Chubb
Tesco Fujitsu National Lottery British Aerospace
Sky Just Eat Tarmac Caesars Palace 

Although we have delivered work to big names such as these, the SMEs we focus on can often be more fun and rewarding. If you're an SME and need some help in getting the very best out of your people, please get in touch.

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