Open Sales Seminar

Chilli Pepper runs an Open Seminar for Senior Leaders


Despite the snow, our first ever Open Seminar with a focus on Sales went ahead with a group of enthusiastic and stoical attendees! We plan to run these several times a year to give people a flavour of what we do here at Chilli Pepper Development.

Seminar Focus

Customers purchasing your products and services are the lifeblood of any organisation; and how your customer interacts with your business is critical to gaining and retaining your customer base. In 2018, the challenges and threats through direct competition, alternative solutions or recruiting and retaining people are as fierce as ever. We help businesses survive and thrive through increased sales and customer engagement.

The purpose of the session was to create awareness of how Sales and People leaders can deliver a high performance culture through a Strengths based Selling and Sales Leadership approach to their sales teams and sales managers.

We were really excited to have collaborated with a Behavioural expert and Keynote Speaker Hector Riva-Palacio from Helping Reach Potential Ltd, who shares our passion in developing people through their behaviours and attitudes, alongside their skills and knowledge.

Hector introduced our attendees to the Peak Performance Model and Strengths theory; running a couple of interactive exercises on Strengths so they could experience what this means in practice. With our team of experienced sales coaches in the room, we could support you with individual and group coaching to help challenge your thinking and expand your options for developing your Sales teams, maximising their performance. We finished off with an example of what a Strengths Program could look like, giving you a clear vision of what you could do to drive peak performance for your team.

Workshop attendees:

  • Had conversations with like minded Sales Directors, HR Directors and business leaders who have a passion to develop more sales for their business
  • Had the opportunity to think innovatively about their business performance and experience through doing several exercises that will highlighted what can be achieved individual and team peak performance
  • Took away ideas that can be implemented with teams that can improve their performance quickly.
  • Understood what makes their people tick - and by understanding this, are able to recruit, develop and retain people more effectively.
  • ... and yes, there were coffee and pastries included at the stunning venue!!

Whether your team are sales people, account managers, customer service, consultants or engineers; if you have people who engage with customers face to face or over the phone, then Chilli Pepper Development can help improve their engagement and performance.

This was a free event for senior leaders. If you are outside of our existing mailing list and are passionate about developing your people, then please drop us a line and let's talk about if a future event like this would suit your needs.

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