Case Study: European Manager development programme

European Manager Development Programme


An international chemicals company had locations across 11 different European countries. Leaders and managers of each country had been promoted from within, generally being an expert in their field. This led to a fractured approach to leadership performance across the region, with a subsequent negative impact on results.


Engaging with key stakeholders and undertaking a substantial discovery phase, we developed a 12 month structured leadership programme for all country leaders. This had the consistency to share best practice, with the flexibility to allow for local cultural needs being met for employees and leaders. Focus of the training was a mixture of skills, knowledge and behavioural development.


The initial impact led to a greater level of engagement, communication and healthy competition across the leadership group. Following this there was a measured improvement in recruitment and retention of people; implementation of succession plans to prepare for future growth of the business, and a general feeling of connection and shared ideas across the group.

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