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Peter Starr

Founder Pete Starr has 10 years of experience in Learning and Development, and now delivers quality, bespoke training solutions to both Blue Chip and SME companies.

Pete has 10 years of experience in various Learning and Development roles and has highly rated client feedback for delivering bespoke training solutions to both Blue Chip and SME companies over the last four years. Prior to that, he held roles in field sales, national account management, first line and senior management and uses this experience to build rapport and engagement with delegates. Pete is relatable but not prescriptive in finding solutions to sales challenges in the modern digital age. For more detail about Pete's philosophy and background, listen to the podcast available here.

Pete takes a coaching – listen first, speak later - approach to dealing with clients and delegates alike, which allows ideas and creativity to flow. This open but challenging environment can provide the spark that is needed to make a difference to performance.

He has had articles including, most recently, 'Seven Faces of Effective Management' (see the related video series here) published through a New York business expert publishing house and is currently co-authoring a book on innovation that is written for first line managers who want to develop their innovative mindsets and activities.

  • Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Selling skills and Account Management
  • First and Second Line Sales Management development
  • Leadership development
  • Performance coaching
  • Innovation for the Un-Innovative

If you're facing challenges in any of these areas in your workplace, drop Pete a line via email, LinkedIn or phone 0333 305 6516 to chat through some ideas on what can be done to help.

Lucy Gooderham

Lucy is the marketing glue that holds Chilli Pepper together, with her pragmaticism and drive, and by delivering the right message with the right tone.

Lucy is the marketing glue that holds Chilli Pepper together, and brings a great energy and focus to the team. She is pragmatic and driven by delivering the right message with the right tone. She is an experienced leader and so knows how to deal with people effectively; maintaining great relationship skills whilst keeping momentum towards positive outcomes.

Specific Areas of Expertise include:
  • Retail management
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

Email Lucy or get in touch via LinkedIn with any PR, marketing or general enquiries about what we do.

Steve Darlington

At Chilli Pepper Development, Steve's role is delivering high performance coaching and tailored training solutions to our clients.

Steve has over 30 years' experience in the corporate environment with major FMCG companies. He's operated as a Senior Manager in high profile companies, and has been responsible for a £300 million turnover business. He's become a NLP Practitioner – ANLP Accredited (Coaching Leaders) and is Thomas International Accredited – DISC Profiling, EI FI (GIA); no-one can argue that Steve doesn't have a proven track record in organisational and business development!

His extensive and broad experience has been developed within roles covering Account Management, Sales Management, National Sales Training Manager and Director of Sales. At Chilli Pepper Development, Steve's role is delivering high performance coaching and tailored client training solutions to our clients.

  • Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Selling skills and advanced selling skills
  • Sales management
  • Sales team development
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management / performance coaching
  • Change management

Contact Steve via email or LinkedIn for an informal chat about any of these areas, or other issues you're facing in your workplace.

Kevin Hutchison

Kevin helps teams and individuals at Chilli Pepper Development to reach their full potential through bespoke training solutions and individual team workshops

Kevin is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator who has over 20 years of experience working in the Sales and Learning & Development field. Kevin has worked with some of the UK’s best-known brands including ‘Coca Cola' & ‘Camelot’, operators of the National Lottery He is a qualified Strengths Practitioner and is certified to deliver Strengthscope Accreditations.

Kevin’s expertise is working with individuals, teams and businesses to be completely self-aware and understand their unique strengths in order to deliver peak performance. He loves to improve personal performance and inspire people to be at their very best in the workplace and beyond.

He has a creative brain that allows him to design and deliver training solutions that are original, engaging, challenging and relevant.

Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Strength awareness
  • Sales skills development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
Through his excellent facilitation skills, he is able to use his energy, sense of fun and creativity to translate leading edge theory of learning into the workplace in a highly engaging way that delivers results.

Contact Kevin via email or LinkedIn for an informal chat about any of these areas, or other issues you're facing in your workplace.

Mike Williams

Mike is an experienced sales, management and leadership trainer with over 20 years experience of working in complex sales environments.

Working from both a corporate and a consultancy perspective, Mike's passion is people, and the tactics, strategies and behaviours they adopt that make them successful in winning complex deals. In his early career, Mike held a commercial sales role with First National Bank, running a sales territory and developing strategic relationships. As part of that role he began to deliver technical skills training, sparking a interest in people development. Several different roles followed within regulated financial services with a number of life assurance and pension providers, training Financial Planning consultants in both technical and soft sales skills.

Mike then moved into focussed sales development consultancy, working initially with Huthwaite International His first role was working in open markets with SMEs, to develop their sales competencies, and also delivering the companies full timetable of sales training programmes. As a sales consultant witin the business, he helped develop new content aimed at the retail, call centre and hospitality sectors.

He has held subsequent roles in sales and consultancy with The Ken Blanchard Companies, where he developed a deep understanding of leadership and facilitated core programmes; and then with Wilson Learning Worldwide where he worked with a broader portfolio of people development solutions. Since 2015 he has been running his own training and consultancy practice working with organisations small and large to develop their customer facing skills through sales, sales management, customer service and leadership development programmes.

Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Sales training
  • Sales coaching
  • Customer service training
  • Leadership development
  • Management development

Contact Mike via email or LinkedIn to explore any of these areas, and how he can help with specific issues you're facining in your organisation.

Beth Grayston

Beth helps teams and individuals at Chilli Pepper Development to reach their full potential through bespoke training solutions and individual team workshops

Beth is passionate about helping Chilli Pepper delegates reach their potential by empowering them to take control of their own development through coaching.

After over 10 years of working in sales and business development and successfully implementing coaching cultures into companies such as Tarmac, Northgate and Saint-Gobain; Beth has a wealth of experience in the power of coaching and how it can propel people towards their goals and improve overall performance.

Inspired by the great results she saw; Beth made the move from Sales into the Professional Training Industry and became an Executive Leadership Coach accredited by The Academy of Executive Coaching.

Beth specialises in:
  • Sales Management
  • Leadership
  • Listening
  • Business Development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

‘Beth is very understanding and empathetic, with a deep knowledge of the psychological and corporate structures that determine executive decision-making. These qualities make her easy to talk to openly, an invaluable quality given that it is what the executive contributes that enables the coach to determine optimal suggestions, insights and strategies. Beth combines observation and guidance so that even when I found myself on unfamiliar ground - always a good sign - the challenge felt like an opportunity rather than a concern. She employed a range of techniques that were so tailored to my circumstances that it was clear she had many others at her disposal. While any decisions to be made are mine, they are now much more clearly framed and understood.’

Contact Beth via email or LinkedIn if you are interested in finding out how Coaching will support you or your teams to achieve your goals faster.

Charlotte Welfare

As an experienced Professional Training Coordinator, Charlotte has insight into the mechanics of a successful training programme from inception to close, and brings a wide range of skills to the Team.

Charlotte has worked in a wide range of industries including Telecoms, Insurance and Retail and has experienced a wide range of training programmes and delivery styles across her career in Sales and Customer Service. These experiences uncovered a passion to work within the Professional Training Industry and change the way these programmes were created; so she made the shift into Training Coordination 4 years ago.

Since her career change, Charlotte has worked within one of the UK’s top training providers helping them to develop their operations procedures and introducing ways to streamline and refine processes to increase productivity across the company; whilst planning and delivering small- and large-scale projects across the globe.

What sets Charlotte apart is her attention to detail and her vision for design. You can see her handiwork whenever you pick up Chilli Pepper workbooks, slide decks, leaflets or printed takeaways.

Specific skills include:
  • Project Management
  • Programme scheduling and design
  • Bespoke material design
  • Media editing
  • Account Management

To get your own bespoke training programme and materials, get in touch with Charlotte today via email or LinkedIn.

Jen Wagstaff

Accredited Executive Coach Jen, uses her extensive experience to help salespeople create the right strategy, mindset and habits to become a top performer.

Whether it is organising global sales events, implementing sales training programmes or coaching individuals to achieve their goals, Jen puts a huge amount of focus, energy and commitment into what she does and gets amazing results.

She has 12 years of experience in sales, training and development. After a successful career in sales, she became the Global Sales Trainer for FedEx Express, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. Here she was responsible for designing, developing and rolling out the sales training material for the 1500 strong sales and sales leadership teams. Since leaving FedEx, she has designed and delivered training programmes across Europe for some of the biggest companies in the world.

She specialises in:
  • Sales development
  • Negotiation skills
  • Mindset, Influence and Persuasion
  • Public Speaking and Pitching
  • Account Management and Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Train the Trainer

If you would like to learn more about how Jen can get to the heart of your teams training needs, get in touch today via email or LinkedIn.

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