Behaviour Change Training

Behaviour Change

“The people have the skills and they have the knowledge but still something isn’t working!?”  They likely aren’t applying those skills and knowledge in the right way – their behaviours or actions.

Addressing behaviour change can be a challenging situation for individuals and groups within an organisation.  It can involve bruised egos, open or passive conflict and uncomfortable self-reflection.

However, behaviour change can be the most effective option in turning around an organisations performance.  Examples we have worked on include improving customer service or moving from a transactional to a consultative sale.

Using coaching skills and NLP techniques, behaviour change starts with understanding personal beliefs and mindsets, understanding the need for change and embarking on steps towards a new application of behaviours.  This can be delivered through group delivery where our Chilli Consultants also take opportunities to support individual needs on a 1-2-1 basis.

How we can help

Much of what we do in sales and leadership involves encouraging and supporting people to change or alter their behaviours to get better results.  Because of this, we can expand our reach into a behaviour change context.  We help through collaborative engagement with your business to establish the right approach.  

Culture change and behaviour change is some of the toughest but most rewarding work that we do.  From initial strategy planning, through design and delivery across a range of interventions.

Because of our strength in sales and leadership we specialise within these groups, however, have worked with other linked job types. 

For example, within the hotel sector developing front desk agents to combine outstanding customer service with a “suggestive” selling approach and field engineers growing customer relationships through human engagement at a local level.

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