Chilli Conferences and Events

Chilli Conferences and Events

Do you have a Sales Kick Off or Product Launch event that you want to have true impact on your people and your bottom line?

“With a Chilli Conference, we (the client) now had the opportunity to bring our people together, deliver a clear message and get a return on our investment; through employees being energised and focused to contribute to the overall company strategy” CEO, SaaS Provider

Because a Chilli Conference will deliver:Credit: Ginger Pixie Photography

1. Clarity of message through experiential communication, activities and learning

2. Strategy for the business driven down to individual employee’s goals and objectives

3. Employee engagement and energy in their personal ability to positively influence company performance

The traditional employee conference can be really impactful for employee engagement, to celebrate success and give consistent communication across a large group when done correctly. But does your conference really do this? Is it stale? Is the “corporate” bit endured as a necessary evil before getting to the drunken bit?


What do we do?

For larger groups of 25+, we manage your conference and event process, as much or as little as required, working with your internal team to deliver an outstanding event.

Our activities are not the generic team building, gimmicky, “just for fun” games (although most of them are fun!) – they have a purpose and a link to your corporate message

We tailor the approach to your business need. We currently deliver conference events to support:

Credit: Ginger Pixie Photography

  • Product Launches: Skills, training, engagement
  • Business Strategy Communication: Engagement, clarity, confidence, motivation
  • Innovation and Idea creation: Engage wider workforce in identifying workplace improvements
  • Engagement & Celebration: Successes, milestones, achievements
  • Up skill Leaders & In house Teams: Skills and behaviour development


How do we create a ROI for your conference?

  • We take the pressure off the senior leaders and internal resource to organise the event. This time saved is valuable in fast growing businesses with limited spare time
  • We work with the senior team to create, polish, hone presentation skills; as much or as little that is required. Again, speeding up the time to create a powerful, consistent message and delivery
  • We create activities based around your business strategy to link the corporate message to individual action. Creating a halo effect back within your business of engaged employees, who know how to play their part in delivering the business strategy
  • Easy budgeting potentially accessible from different internal “pots” and consolidated costs


Worth exploring more? Get in touch here and let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to make it happen

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