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Successfully selling, leading businesses, inspiring teams of people, building and communicating strategy, or simply finding your way in the commercial world are increasingly demanding. You don’t just need the right capabilities, you increasingly need the right mindset, focus, energy and people around you. At Chilli we provide exceptional, objective-driven support in the form of development coaching to help you exercise your skills, navigate the bumps in the road and, where needed, challenge your thinking.

Our executive coaching provides a structured, safe yet challenging environment in which to support to you as an individual. You decide on the objectives and your personally selected coach will partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximise your professional potential.

Why do the best athletes and performers in the world have coaches?
  • Confidential and independent sounding board
  • Reinforce a positive mindset with a focus on strengths and capabilities
  • Exercise broader capabilities and specific development areas
  • To focus attention on what is important and on what delivers results
  • To challenge strategy, goals and objectives and the roadmap to achieving them

If they can benefit from this type of support - everyone can! And we have a roster of high performing, experienced coaches to choose from, all with a range of different experience and backgrounds.

How do we deliver?
  • Chilli offers one to one, outcome-focused development coaching specifically to your objectives, timelines and deadlines. Delivered ad hoc or as a programme by psychologically trained and certified coaches.
  • You provide the objectives and following a “get to know you” session with one of our coaches, if the chemistry works then we agree the framework and deliver the results.


    Timothy Cooper MBA BSc

    Tim is a sales, leadership and performance coach with 25 years commercial experience across both corporate and entrepreneurial endeavours. Tim's coaching philosophy builds on educational foundations in psychology complemented by elite sport coaching experience to focus on how your mindset, skillset and passions drive peak performance.

    Sales and leadership wise, Tim was Global Sales Director at Barclaycard, then Business Development & Marketing Director at the The Automobile Association, after managing an international portfolio of the most strategic accounts at American Express. Leading mid-sized teams, where every player is a critical cog in the machine, was his focus. Tim's deal-making pedigree expertise is well-respected across a client portfolio including Uber, Amazon, Visa, Admiral, Vodafone, PepsiCo, UBS, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Lloyds TSB, KPMG, Marriott, Asda, Nestle and Sainsburys. Tim has also had commercial interests in award-winning marketing consultancies, a civil engineering business and a property portfolio.

    His coaching approach mirrors that which has generated his commercial success - a listen now / talk later, consultative style. Tim is focused on the individual and all aspects of their development, from commercial capabilities to health and wellbeing, in a bid to find the transformational development or even just reflection, to help the person deliver against their objective.

    Graham Shapiro

    Graham Shapiro is an award-winning British inventor, designer & digital entrepreneur. A Fellow member of The Chartered Society of Designers and Chartered Institute of Marketing. Entrepreneur in Residence and on the advisory board for The Business Research Institute at the University of Chester. Ambassador of Innovation for The University of Cambridge. Graham invented the interloopmailer® and Reggie®.

    For nearly 25 years his company Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) has created online and offline visual communication for some of the world’s most respected companies. www.gsd.net

    He is also the founder of The Graham Shapiro Foundation. A Charity that's aim is to establish a real way to support mental health, wellbeing and to inspire innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK.

    Graham qualified through The University of Cambridge as a life coach and executive coach. He has been through the ups and downs of business as a CEO over 25 years, learned from his mistakes and gained from his successes. His aim now is to support businesses and individuals to strive and achieve, in order to become ‘who they want to be’.

    Beth Grayston

    Beth Grayston is an experienced leadership coach and is accredited through the Academy of Executive Coaching.

    Beth has successfully implemented coaching cultures in companies such as Tarmac, Northgate and Saint-Gobain. Beth Has a wealth of experience in the power of coaching and how it can propel people towards their goals and improve overall performance.

    “Beth is very understanding and empathetic, with a deep knowledge of the psychological and corporate structures that determine executive decision-making. These qualities make her easy to talk to openly, an invaluable quality given that it is what the executive contributes that enables the coach to determine optimal suggestions, insights and strategies.”

    Peter Starr

    Pete is the Managing Director and Founder of Chilli Pepper Development and brings a wealth of past and current sales, leadership and coaching experience.

    He launched Chilli to help businesses improve their performance through development of their teams. Nothing inspires him more than working with those at the top of the house who can inspire positive direction in both their businesses and their people.

    With the formal background of Institute of Leadership & Management coaching qualification and CIPD accreditations, he understands the theory. More importantly is the business life experience that is of huge value in the coaching interactions he engages on.

    With a human to human approach, coaching interactions are engaging and always end with the same question – “now we are nearly finished, what are you going to do next?” It is this action-oriented focus that drives change and positive results for the individual.

    Astrid Ennis

    Accredited Executive Coach Astrid comes with a wealth of experience in the Telecoms, Corporate and Consumer retail industries.

    Astrid has over 30 year’s corporate experience working with organisations such as BMW, Mindbox, Hologic, Lloyds Register and the Virgin Media Group. She comes with a wealth of experience in the Telecoms, Corporate and Consumer retail industries.

    Following a strong career in front-line sales and learning & development, Astrid helps individuals and teams to deliver high performance by developing themselves and their approach. A straight-talking coach, qualified in MBTI, NLP at Master Practitioner level and certified with the Institute of Sales Management, she’s particularly skilled in enabling people to think differently resulting in an increase in self-belief and performance. Astrid specialises in behavioural, sales management and leadership development and is also a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

    Astrid specialises in:
    • Performance Consultancy – experienced at consulting with, and challenging managers and directors. Strong ability to capture requirements and engage stakeholders. Utilises a combination of learning expertise and intellectual rigor to provide stimulating methods, needs analysis and blended learning designs.
    • Facilitation Skills - Highly skilled facilitator with experience delivering to small and large groups. Proven application of ability to draw on an extensive knowledge of a variety of training delivery techniques, coupled with an appetite to stay abreast of latest learning technologies
    • Training Design - Practical experience in the design and development of training materials for programs as well as one-off sessions. Ability to draw on an extensive toolkit of solutions, to develop content ready for delivery under challenging timescales.
    • Coaching - Facilitates a positive change in mindset and self-awareness, resulting in personal accountabilty, sustainability and growth.

    Coaching Projects

    To give a flavour of our coaching pedigree and how coaching can support in a variety of scenarios, here are some examples of what we’ve delivered for our clients:

    • Tough at the Top: CEO to CEO coaching for SaaS Fast Growth business to be that coach/mentor/sounding board for continued growth and expansion
    • Managing Director Coaching – Business Strategy focus clarifying priorities and direction for a £multi-million business
    • HR Director – Personal effectiveness and confidence
    • Career Transition Coaching - Delivered to a variety of leaders who have questioned their path in the recent pandemic. All have elevated their career trajectory in new roles
    • First Line Managers – 12 team leaders and managers underwent a 6-month programme of coaching and mentoring which achieved brilliant results.
    • Sales & Marketing Directors and Managers – Sales strategy coaching for businesses including a Mental Health charity, Recruiters and Pharmaceutical Multinationals
    • 5 C-Suite Directors – Leadership Development programme; 6 classroom modules with 1-2-1 coaching sessions in between classroom delivery.

    Curious and want to know more?  Then contact us here to have a conversation about how coaching could work for you.

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