Innovation Development

Innovation Development

Innovation is embedded into many organisations vision statements, values or role profiles.  When asked, most people are unsure as to what it means to them and how they are to demonstrate it in their role.

We think that Innovation is “the development and blending of existing ideas to become more effective in a current or altered context”.  We believe that Creativity is “the development of new ideas or solutions”.  Subtle and important difference.  In “How to Fly A Horse” by Kevin Ashton 2015, he explores how there are very, very few brand new ideas – most build on previous ideas and concepts.  Great book by the way!

Innovation comes from a state of mind and a focus on goals.  Critical to implementing organisational innovation is the surrounding normative culture and processes for capturing, assessing, delivering and engaging with innovation.

We can review your organisations input into innovation; assess the existing culture and processes and then provide skills solutions methodologies to improve your innovation capabilities across broader groups.

How we can help

This is an exciting part of our business that is gaining real interest across a range of industries and sectors.  We don’t focus on the traditional R&D or specialist innovation – that group tend to have that covered really well.

We recognised that innovation was increasingly common within company leadership values and behaviours, yet many of the managers we work with weren’t clear what that meant to them.

We provide both leaders and employees with an innovation mindset and simple tools that help the ideas flow. Critically, we assess the eco-system of your business to understand where and how innovation could flourish and how the capture mechanisms needed for ongoing measurement and feedback.

We partner with two highly skilled specialists in this area who are brilliant at making this happen!

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