Leadership and Management Development

Leadership Development

We believe there are some consistent attributes that “good” leaders display but there is no set combination. We work with leaders across many industry sectors to help identify what skills they have, how they can utilize these skills more effectively and how they can use other subtle methods to improve the commitment and work effort they can generate from their circle of influence. 

Within Leadership falls many recognisable headlines such as:

Management skills Emotional Intelligence Giving feedback
Communication Skills Persuasion Time Management
Motivation Touch point leaders Managing conflict

Group, 1-2-1, remote and e-learning solutions are all part of how we can support Leadership and Management development. In addition, we work “in the moment” with your leaders on the issues they face and we often think on our feet to find a personal intervention that will support the goal.

How we can help


Ongoing development programmes to support your front line, middle or senior managers, including the implementation of the 'Seven Faces of Effective Management' (see the related video series here).  Programmes delivered to either vertically or horizontally aligned leadership roles.  Care and time is taken to align the delivery to current leadership needs within the clients business.  These are our favourite learning sessions as the reach and influence of every leadership group is really significant.

Short Courses

Example courses we offer include:

Inspirational Leadership Influencing and Persuading
People Development   Engagement
New to Management Front Line Manager to Leader
Presenting Skills  Commercial Awareness


We take care in how we offer coaching to business leaders.  It is important to match the right coach with the right leader – depending on mutual styles, need and dynamic.  When we have a request for a coach, we reach out to our broader consultancy network if needed to get the right fit.

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