Professional Coaching.. for results

Professional coaching… for results

Developing your skills and knowledge to improve job performance

Broadly speaking, the CIPD defines coaching as “developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives”. We like this statement, except for the word “hopefully”!

Coaching uses questioning, listening, probing and challenging techniques to open up possibilities to the coachee, about what they can do to achieve their goals.  And if they can’t change a situation (e.g. redundancy, structural changes, Brexit!); they find how to adapt and make the best of the uncontrollable change.

Some of the comments we’ve received back following people’s first coaching experience:

“It felt strange at first, as I can’t talk to anyone else who will listen and question to that depth”

“I was totally exhausted afterwards as my brain had to truly focus and process the challenges I was facing”

“So sorry – did I nearly cry?” (Honestly!)

“There has been a weight lifted that has been there for years” 

How we can help

Chilli Pepper Coaching Session

Our coaching style

There are lots of different coaching styles that can work brilliantly; ours is developed from years of experience in managerial roles, coaching roles, customer relationships, ILM qualifications and from training coaches.

We like to have relaxed conversations but with a purpose.  Our coaching mantra is:

“Every coaching conversation has to end with an output – an action or next step to move the coachee forward”

Generally taking between 1 or 2 hours, we know that we want to end up with actions to move the coachee forward, but often we start not knowing how we will get there! We take clients on a journey personal to them and which can be conversational, tough, engaging, fun, and challenging but effective.

Coaching Projects

To give a flavour of why people use coaches, here are some examples of what we’ve done:

  • 5 C-Level Directors – Leadership Development programme; 6 classroom modules with 1-2-1 coaching sessions in between classroom delivery.
  • Managing Director Coaching – Business Strategy focus clarifying priorities and direction for a multi-million pound business
  • HR Director – Personal effectiveness and confidence
  • First Line Managers – coaching isn’t just for executives; 12 team leaders and managers undergoing 6 month programme. Mixture of coaching and mentoring approach worked brilliantly.
  • Marketing Manager – Sales strategy coaching for a Mental Health charity

See our case studies page for more detail

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