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“To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink 2014 explores how it is a human trait to sell and in the workplace most of us sell something every day, be it a product, an idea or an opinion. We work with a full spectrum from seasoned professionals in strategic sales roles to new sales recruits with no experience.

We've just introduced the UK’s First Sales Training Builder; You design, We deliver  which allows you to build your own training from our available modules. Take a look!

Sales Training Builder

Within Sales, we cover subjects such as:

Value based selling Trusted advisor sales Listening skills
Persuasion and negotiation Mindsets Questioning skills
Closing Commercial awareness Building internal relationships

We are often asked “What makes the best salesperson” We see that some sell through character; some through process; some through product knowledge and some through sheer hard graft by putting the activity numbers in. Generic sales training generally focuses on a single approach and then has a hit and miss result with the individual. We use the sales teams existing skills and preferences, acknowledge and respect these; the business required profiles and then build appropriately to get the best results.

How we can help


Tailored programme to deliver sustainable sales development.  Can be 3 month, 6 month or 12 month programme interspersed with additional blended learning options and ongoing client engagement.  We have experience in designing courses for established sales teams and new/apprentice teams.

Short Courses

Do you require a specific course for a specific need?  Our “off the shelf” packages are always tailored to the client’s needs but we can take care of that from our side.  Example courses we offer are:

Sales training Influencing and persuading
Questioning and listening Sales for non-sales people
Negotiation   Consultative selling
Presenting skills Commercial awareness
Telesales Strategic account management


We offer 1-2-1 coaching support for your sales people, either field or desk based.  This can help fill the role of the busy sales manager, or role model to the sales manager how to support the sales people with a coaching approach


Increasingly offered, we support businesses experiencing rapid growth or wanting to review their sales processes in providing an independent view of their sales approach.  This can be a low cost option for clients who want to make improvements but may not be sure where to start.

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